Improving your visitor experience with technology

Using technology to enhance the visitor experience

Improving your visitor experience with technology

The audio guide has been at the heart of a visitor experience for over 50 years. Its purpose is to help the visitor make the most of their visit to a museum, exhibition or visitor centre.

It’s become an integral part of a visitor experience and one that many people now almost take for granted; ‘Do you guys have an audio guide?”.

An audio or multimedia guide can point the visitor towards must-see exhibits, or details within those exhibits that they may have previously missed; through the art of storytelling it can transport the listener back (or forwards!) through time to provide them with a better understanding; it can guide visitors around a location; and fundamentally it allows foreign visitors to enjoy an almost identical experience to that of the domestic visitor.

Our experience tells us that the drive for many sites to implement audio guides or audio guide apps is a desire to cater for foreign visitors and thus make themselves as a more attractive destination.

Our multimedia audio guide and traditional audio guide handsets are both capable of delivering tours in an almost unlimited number of languages.

Our multimedia guide at Culloden Visitor Centre has over 8 languages available, as well as a ‘family tour’ option, and all deliver the exact same tour experience. Being able to cater for visitors overseas is one of the major reasons why the visitor centre consistently sees visitor numbers increasing year on year, and the visitors appear to love the multimedia guide experience:

“The PDA was a fabulous use of modern technology to bring the history to life”, Dick Kranz, Denver.

“The audio tour was brilliant! I loved it, my children loved it, my husband loved it!” Angela Carlson, Colorado Springs.

Since reopening it’s doors in 2013 following a complete overhaul of the visitor experience King John’s Castle in Limerick has seen visitor numbers soar. Here, as part of an all new interpretive approach, technology plays a key role in bringing the history of the castle to life. Interactive displays, A/V installations and our handheld multimedia guide deliver an incredible visitor experience that caters for everyone. To maximise visitor numbers the multimedia elements are delivered in English through the exhibition’s speakers, while the audio guide allows foreign visitors to listen to each of these presentations in their own language through our proprietary syncing software – ensuring that everyone enjoys the same experience at exactly the same time.

If you’re interested in finding out more on the ways that technology could help to deliver an incredible visitor experience, get in touch! Our creative and development teams can work alongside you to explore the ways in which the power of technology could enhance your current visitor experience.


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