Visitor Attraction Clients

Our team works closely with all our visitor attraction clients to make sure we deliver the best options for your individual site and your visitors needs. Here are some examples of previous solutions.


ZolkC’s award winning Battlefield Guide has helped increase the Culloden visitor numbers from 65,000 in 2007 to 118,000 in 2015.

Culloden Moor in the Scottish Highlands was the setting for the last ever hand-to-hand battle fought in the British Isles.

Available from the Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre, our ‘Battlefield Audio Tour Guide’ delivers an amazing experience as visitors walk across the moor. The story of the battle is brought to life through engaging multimedia content that is automatically triggered using GPS.

The ‘Battlefield Audio Tour Guide’ allows the National Trust for Scotland to keep the moor respectfully free from the clutter of interpretive panels and markers. This ensures that the moor appears close to how it would have looked at the time of the battle in 1745.

Here is what the visitors at Culloden Battlefield had to say about ZOLK C’s award winning* Battlefield Guide:

“The PDA was a fabulous use of modern technology to bring the history to life.”
Dick Kranz, Denver, USA

“The audio tour was brilliant! I loved it, my children loved it, my husband loved it! Thank you for making it available.”
Angela Carlson, Colorado Springs, USA

“We would like to congratulate you for introducing the PDA information system to Culloden Moor battle site. As a long standing family member of National Trust we would welcome the use of the system in other National Trust properties.”
Mr & Mrs J Raine, Lanchester Co Durham, England



Malahide Castle on Dublin’s north coast is one of Ireland’s oldest castles and draws in visitors from across the world all year round.

n 2014, Shannon Heritage asked ZolkC to deliver an audio tour guide solution to cater for visitors from overseas. Available in seven different languages, the audio tour guide accompanies the visitor through the castle’s historic rooms and shines a light on the history of the Talbot family who have lived there for over 800 years.



The Crathes Castle app has been developed as part of the ‘Digital Ranger’ series of downloadable apps (10 in total) for the National Trust for Scotland.

The series of apps were developed for both Android and iOS. Funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, they are intended to enhance a family’s experience at one of the National Trust for Scotland’s key outdoor locations.

The app uses GPS triggering to alert the user when they’re close to a point of interest, before explaining to them a little more about the flora or fauna related to that specific location. Using augmented reality functionality, the user is then encouraged to discover the digital version of the species hiding close-by, before answering a multiple choice question to win a spotters badge.

Throughout the project we worked closely with the digital team at the National Trust for Scotland head office as well as the interpretation team at each location, to ensure that all content was factually correct and the chosen species were relevant to each site.


King Johns Castle, Waterford

In 2013, the visitor experience was completely revamped to include brand new exhibitions, interpretation and A/V installations. As part of this, Shannon Heritage engaged ZolkC to deliver an audio tour guide solution.

To maximise visitor numbers the multimedia elements are delivered in English through speakers within the exhibition space, while the audio tour guide allows foreign visitors to listen to each of these presentations in their own language – ensuring everyone enjoys the same experience as exactly the same time.

“ZolkC has helped double the visitor numbers in the last few years. Our world class audio units have proved hugely successful with foreign language speakers, especially German, French, Spanish and Italian speaking tourists”

As visitors walk through the exhibition the onscreen audio tour guide options automatically react to their location, as well as being able to be controlled manually by the visitor themselves. Large onscreen graphics and images were used to offer reassurance when matching on-device audio tour guide content options with the visitors own location.


Bishop's Palace, Waterford

Waterford’s Viking Triangle is at the heart of Ireland’s oldest city, and is home to three outstanding museums; the Bishop’s Palace, the Medieval Museum & Reginald’s Tower.

The ZolkC Audio Tour Guide accompanies the visitor inside each museum, as well as on a Walking Tour through the Triangle itself, bringing the city’s stories and secrets to life.

Using our Acculoc IO software, indoor and outdoor location based triggering enables the Audio Tour Guide to deliver a seamless and immersive storytelling experience throughout the entire Viking Triangle.



The Bangor Christian Heritage Trail app has been developed to allow users to follow in the footsteps of the ancient Irish saints who played a key role in founding some of Europe’s most important and lasting Christian centres.

As Bangor (County Down) was one of the most important of Ireland’s early monasteries, the app guides the user around key sites in the area using GPS triggering to alert the user when they’re close to a point of interest, before explaining it’s relevance to the story.

The app was developed for both Android and iOS and included functionality such as image galleries, audio, descriptive text and live mapping functionality provided by Google Maps.