Audio Guide or App – Which is right for my site?

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Audio Guide or App – Which is right for my site?

Over the last few years visitor sites have often asked us whether we think a handheld audio guide or a downloadable audio guide app would be better for their site.

Audio Guide King John's CastleObviously it’s a case of horses for courses, with each solution beneficial in different was. A lot of the time the thinking behind the question arises from investment concerns. Traditionally handheld hardware costs have been quite high, it’s one of the reasons we prefer to use off-the-shelf devices. It means we’re not tied to any one supplier and if budget is a concern we can source an appropriate device depending on the project parameters. However app development isn’t necessarily the cheaper option; it can be, but it depends on the functionality of the app and the amount of work that’s needed to deliver it.

Which I guess brings us to the answer to the app versus handheld device question; what kind of visitor experience are you looking to create? tour guide phone appsAn app is a great way of connecting with visitors pre, during and post visit. It can allow you to reach them in a more personable way and enable the visitor to tailor their experience on their personal device. It does more than just enhance the visitor experience on the site itself, it enables visitors to plan their day in advance and shape the experience they want to create, before taking something away with them once they leave.

A handheld guide doesn’t necessarily do this. It’s something that’s picked up at the ticketing desk and dropped back on the way out. It doesn’t allow for pre-planning or the sharing of moments with friends on social networks, but what it does do is allay fears of battery life on personal devices; it takes away the annoyance of searching for the right app; and it allows a visitor to simply turn up on the day and connect with your site and its stories without giving it a second thought.

Both solutions can deliver an amazing visitor experience, the question is – what kind of experience are you looking to deliver?


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